Most vehicles use ONE flasher that does the work for turn signals AND hazard lights.  Other vehicles use 2 separate flashers (one for each task).  In that case you have to purchase TWO LED-compatible flashers.

The simplest way to figure out if you need one or two flashers :

  • Make sure your turn signals and hazards are working correctly (put the regular bulbs back in place if you have already put in the LED bulbs)
  • With the TURN signals flashing, locate the clicking flasher and pull it out, flashing will stop.  Do NOT yet put the flasher back
  • Turn on the hazard lights.  If they are still working, you have a 2nd flasher which is for hazards only, so you need to replace both
  • Put the flashers back in place until you're ready to install the LED flasher.

EF32RL vs. EF32RLNP   Which One ?

The simple answer is: You can't go wrong with the EF32RLNP because it does everything that the EF32RL does, with the additional benefit of working regardless of how your flasher socket is wired.  In a small percentage of vehicles, the socket is wired incorrectly: In those cases the EF32RL will not work "out of the box".  You can perform the Polarity Test to determine if your socket is wired correctly.  If it is, the EF32RL will work just fine.  If it turns out that your socket is wired backwards, you should use the EF32RLNP. However, if you already purchased the EF32RL but it doesn't work in your vehicle due to wiring issues, please go to the Installation page for fixes and workarounds.

The EF32RL and EF32RLNP from CEC Industries are the most popular LED-compatible turn-signal flasher around, and there's a number of really good reasons for that:

  • Quality: This flasher is well built and designed, and will generally survive incorrect installation.
  • Flexibility: The flasher will work with LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, or a mix thereof.
  • Powerful: Capable of switching up to 25 Amps, you do not have to worry about burning out the unit if you have occasion to add a trailer to your car or truck
  • Audible Click: Unlike solid state flashers, this unit produces an audible clicking sound that is louder than standard thermal flashers.

The units fit a standard 2-prong flasher socket.  The black wire is a ground-wire, simply connect this to a piece of bare metal on the vehicle's chassis.

Why do I need an LED-Compatible flasher?​

Regular (stock) flashers exhibit one of two common problems when you change turn-signal bulbs from regular incandescent bulbs to LEDs:  Either the LED bulbs will stay on all the time when you turn the turn-signal lever, or the stock flasher will flash very fast (about twice the normal rate), also known as Hyper Flashing.  By replacing your stock flasher with an EF32RL, both problems are fixed.

Do I need anything else?
That depends, please follow the Installation link below.

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LED-Compatible Turn-Signal 

and Hazard Light Flasher